Energy Management


Climate Change ...
Let’s set the scene for a moment:

• The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reported in November 2007 that the evidence of warming of the climate system is now “unequivocal”
• Greenhouse gases have already pushed up global temperatures by 0.5°C
• Climate Change is the most serious threat ever faced by Society
• For sure, climate change threatens the basic elements of life for people around the world - access to water, food production, health and use of land and the environment.

In Hong Kong and Mainland China, individuals and organisations have a crucial role to play in the response to climate change and the required reduction in greenhouse gases.

Direct greenhouse gases include:

• Carbon Dioxide
• Methane
• Nitrous Oxide
• Hydrofluorcarbons
• Perfluorocarbons
• Sulphur Hexafluoride
These gases plus electricity consumption are converted into tonnes of CO2e (Carbon Dioxide Equivalent). It is this necessary reduction of CO2e which will result in increasing legislative requirements for organisations to reduce their emissions through energy efficiency initiatives and reporting constraints.

Zemos can help you decipher what is relevant to you, how you mitigate the risks at the minimum cost and can help implement carbon, energy, water and waste management solutions which are relevant to your organisation.




ESCOs ...


An ESCO (Energy Service Company) is essentially a partnering process, where a client organisation partners with an energy management company to identify and achieve substantial energy savings for this client organisation under an energy performance contract.


Under this energy performance contract the ESCOs will install energy saving technologies and methodologies and then share the resulting savings with the Client.


At Zemos, as your ESCO partner, we work with you to reduce your operating costs whilst minimising the risk to your organisation. In the first stage we work with you to identify energy saving opportunities through Energy Audits that are effective and financially attractive. Secondly, we will design and deliver a contract that is mutually beneficial which offers maximum savings for minimum risk.


If required, we will review and potentially finance the project and there are also energy savings guarantees to ensure that future energy savings can repay all the financing debts with a positive cash flow to the building owners.


• You can potentially implement energy conservation measures immediately without incurring any up front costs
• Your operating costs can be cut down immediately by upgrading facilities and retrofitting energy management systems in your facilities, whereby your competitiveness is increased.
• You can use the money saved in other business areas
• You can get a guaranteed performance result
• The ESCO can potentially take the financial, project and operating risk if necessary
• You can drive a long term partnership with us and we can therefore consistently review your operations and ongoing energy usage
• A ESCO provides you with a superb marketing opportunity across your full supply chain
• Together we benefit society at large and scarce energy resources can be conserved.

Strategic Planning ...
Climate change represents the most serious challenge that society has ever faced and will affect almost every aspect of business. Forward planning can minimise the threat and maximise the opportunities created by a changing climate.
Zemos’s European Strategic Advisory Team can help organisations assess their vulnerability, quantify their exposure and understand the latest information in order to engage an appropriate management response to Climate Change Risk.


Climate Change Risk
Businesses that address the issues around climate change will be significantly better placed to maximise high performance and value creation.
Zemos will work with client teams to define a coherent route map to mitigating future increased environmental and operational costs and risks. We help to ensure that organisations understand the long-term impact that climate change could have on strategic business decisions in a carbon-constrained world.


Carbon Management
Whether an organisation’s objective is to be ‘carbon neutral’ or to embrace lower targeted emissions reduction, Zemos can develop a Carbon Action Programme which delivers practical, sustainable, commercial, personal and environmental benefits.
Based out of our Hong Kong Office, Zemos can help to change internal processes and implement practical solutions which align to an organisation’s emissions objectives. In delivering this approach we evaluate and provide expertise on Energy, Water, Waste, Transport, Carbon and Environmental quality. This approach is relevant to commercial real estate, industrial processes and Government Organisations in Hong Kong or on the Chinese Mainland..


Energy Management and Efficiency ...

The term ‘Energy Management’ means different things to different people. We believe in keeping things simple without being simplistic. Core to this strategy is not only helping clients understand their on-going strategic objectives with regard to their carbon emissions, but also how to implement solutions and then defining and measuring the results to ensure targets are achieved now and well into the future and are aligned to their broader strategic aims.

Zemos’s Energy Management Team combines many years of energy market and operations experience to provide organisations with a full range of energy management services including procurement, monitoring and targeting, consumption measurement and usage reduction in Europe.

Energy & Environmental Management Systems (EEMS)
Typically both small and large organisations who have consistent performance excellence as a key value should also ensure quality procedures and systems are in place to maintain a leading edge.

Zemos ESCO partners in Europe have developed and implemented Energy and Environmental Management Systems either as stand alone systems or integrated into existing Quality Management procedures, including EN 16001, the European Standard on Systems for Managing Energy.


Our European partners provide advice and delivery for Environmental Regulation reporting including pollution and prevention control compliance for Energy related issues through outsourced solutions or implanted resources through our highly skilled and experienced team who have managed large multi site portfolio systems (corporate or investment properties) and industrial energy requirements.

They have also leading expertise in developing appropriate key performance indicators (KPI’s) feeding into high level business plan outcomes. Monitoring and targeting is the key to successful energy reduction. The services are not, however, limited to energy, with an ever increasing demand for sustainability performance reporting taking into account the impacts of Waste, Transport, Carbon, Environmental Quality and Water.

Process and System Optimisation
Our Energy Management Team can provide testing, measurement and reporting services to significantly reduce energy consumption for process systems and the built environment. We will record outputs to identify poor performance and areas for improvement through the delivery of action plans to implement recommended key changes with an aim of achieving best practice operation.


As experts in sustainability, our European partners have developed a series of training packages which can be delivered on site or in our own facilities in Hong Kong. The training focuses on the following key areas:
• What does Sustainability Mean to you ?
• Sustainabilty Programmes and Planning
• Energy and cost reduction in the Real Estate Sector
• Energy Saving in Industrial Processes
• ESCOs and how they can help you achieve your energy saving targets
• The benefits of an Energy Audit