Total Packaging Solutions

Zemos is a provider of packaging solutions with manufacturing facilities in China


The total packaging solutions services were established to

  • accommodate the changing marketplace
  • provide to consumer and retailer demands, warehouse clubs, productivity concerns, space restrictions, tight labor markets, environmental issues and reduced supplier base purchasing practices which drive our existence.


Everchanging Packaging Needs:

  • Consumers want convenient, recyclable packaging. 
  • Large retailers and warehouse clubs demand PDQ's (product displayed quickly) to minimize shelf stocking and improve visual appeal. 
  • Marketing departments want their products to stand out.
  • Green Laws require recyclable and non-wood packaging and skids. 


Zemos's total packaging solutions answers all the demands of a one-stop source for point-of-sale display and packaging products.



Our Total Packaging Solution allows

  • A one stop contact window for all the above packaging needs.
  • Most of the coordination work and improved management of the vendors for the customer as this is our field of expertise.
  • A stable main source, reducing costs since synergy can be achieved in terms of warehousing, transport and manpower
  • With our wide alliance with different suppliers, “hubs” can established as necessary in China, Singapore, Malaysia
  • Simplify and shorten the purchasing process for the customers as a package quotation will be provided
  • Potenial cost and time Savings to the customers
  • Integrated Distribution Network and worldwide locality and easy accessibility
  • Combination of strengths and expertise in providing better services for the customers.



Packaging Improvement


Cost control and, ideally, reduction is important to us all.


To that end we offer our Packaging Improvement Audit.


This can examine all aspects of your packaging productivity in detail and suggest valuable ways in which you can reduce equipment and consumable costs as well as downtime.



Packaging Solutions


The company increases public awareness of your product using well thought-out and original packaging.


From eye-catching packaging for personal care to long-lasting quality packaging for textiles and retailers.


Based on innovative and proven designs and techniques, Zemos develops complete packaging concepts and individual,  unique product or promotional packaging. Concept development and design take place in the the Asia pacific office in Hong Kong; economic production, purchase and sourcing in China.


Zemos is your partner throughout the entire process and if required will also run the complete logistics, distribution and handling process for your packaging.