Packaging Trends

Products Displayed Quickly (PDQ's)

Developed and enforced by Wal-Mart. If you supply Wal-Mart or would like to, we can help. Packages that open quickly and eliminate the need for store clerks to stock. We have many designs in Wal-Mart and other retailers, and know their requirements.


Environmentally Friendly and Safety Conscious

Wood, plastic, metal, foam, etc. create troublesome disposal issues for you and your customers. Often you are locked into a "standard size", or have to buy expensive molds. Insects and rodents thrive on wooden pallets and plywood caps. And, the number one cause for work related back injuries is the wooden pallet. Let us customize a better product for you. We manufacture a variety of light weight, yet strong paper products to replace wooden pallets.



We manufacture a wide variety of packages that eliminate the need to tape, glue, staple, set up or put on pallets. Our products will save you time and money by increasing efficiency and reducing space requirements.


We can meet your packaging needs from A to Z. Large orders, small orders, high impact graphics, chipboard, triplewall, folding boxes, pads and sheets, foam, plastics - you name it, we can deliver!


We have an extensive network of experts to assist you in a variety of areas including packaging machinery and systems, warehousing and distribution. And, by combining reusable totes, bins and plastic thermo-formed pallets, we can provide you with the "ultimate package" deal.


Great Visual Impact

There is much competition on store shelves and aisles. To sell your product it must stand out from the crowd. We incorporate the PDQ concept with startling photo quality graphics to "grab" the consumer. Our unlimited structural and graphic designs will maximize visual appeal and help you sell more stuff.


Co-Packaging and Fulfillment

Got a special request from your customer, and you're not really set up to handle it? Let us do it for you. The "special challenges" your customers give you may not fit into your system. Send your product to our secured, bonded facility and we'll assemble the necessary parts, collate, sort, shrink wrap, pack, sticker, even distribute the packages for you. We makes it surprisingly affordable to outsource these projects!



Depend on Zemos to provide you with the right product at a fair price. We respond to your needs quickly. Our flexible workforce allows us to accommodate any demand or schedule. When you are faced with a new challenge, our design and sales professionals are ready to meet with you and/or your customer to provide new concepts and solutions.


Our lines and systems are carefully developed to maximize efficiencies while producing high quality products. We operate a low-overhead operation and are blessed with a low-cost, highly motivated, quality workforce. Smart buyihng practices and a great supplier network allow us to be competitive in virtually any situation.


Zemos has over 15 years of experience in the packaging business. We have many satisfied customers, both large and small, that will tell you about us.